Social Media Agency

We work with Small Businesses to generate leads, increase sales and image your business’s personality on popular platforms like, Google Ads PPC, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram which are used by millions of potential customers.

What We Can Do For You

Generate Leads

With over 3 billion users and a variety of platforms, Social Media is great for reaching prospective customers and building your online brand.

Establish Your Brand

As a Social Media Agency for Small Businesses, we ensure that your advertisements resonate with your prospective customers and help to nurture them into paying customers

Increase Your ROI

Due to the size, volume of traffic is not a problem nor is developing meaningful ROI. Just make sure it is advertisements which resonate with your target audience

Become a Thought Leader

Social Media advertising offers the opportunity to establish your brand as a market leader in your respective industry so your customers keep returning, again and again

Google PPC Ads

Pay per click advertising makes up a huge proportion of Google’s annual revenue. Tens of billions of dollars are spent on AdWords on an annual basis. Facebook is also a dominant force in the paid advertising space. Digital Rescuer is an experienced Pay Per Click (PPC) agency. We create, manage and optimize paid advert campaigns to save our clients’ money and generate more leads. Our team will improve costs per click, reduce wasted clicks, improve conversion rates and make a positive difference to any pay per click campaign.

Instagram Advertising Service

At least 30% of Instagram users have purchased a product or service they first discovered on Instagram.

The platform is becoming one of the preferred as social media channels for businesses. Its ease-of-use, adore ability and dense conversion rate made that happen.

It currently assertions the highest levels of engagement of any social media opportunity, with 2-7% of users interacting with each post.

So, if Instagram advertising is so easy, why aren’t you getting the engagement levels you were hoping for

Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook is the largest social media network by extreme, with 2 billion daily active users. It is also the cheapest and best way to increase your business exposure to potential customers, building it perfect for Small Businesses. Our team of Facebook Advertising experts make assured your adverts are displayed in front of the right audience at the right time which helps to increase conversions and generate sales.